Love Notes

Michelle Brady Before and After

Listen here to Jodi’s amazing praise for Ruthi:


Here’s what others had to say…

I am truly blessed to have Ruthi in my life. I know that God has blessed me with her as my guide. I value the connection. Thanks for being exactly exactly who you are, Ruthi. Period. Thank you.” – Anonymous


Ruthi has the unique ability to listen with compassion, then apply her experience and professionalism to focus and get right down to the core issue you are facing. She delivers every time, with skill, grace, and strength, then gives you the tools to manifest your own healing and move forward with confidence. With Ruthi, it’s not just about feeling better – which you do – it’s also about personal growth and transformation on whatever level you’re ready to realize.” – M.B. (Retreat Participant)


“Ruthi’s retreat was a revelation, a celebration and a gift to the soul. I have made “sisters” for life and have truly begun to accept, care and love myself.” – L.S. (Retreat Participant)


“I always come away from our sessions feeling deliciously unburdened and armed with fresh insight. Thank you. When I count┬ámy blessings, you are one.” – L.K.