Full on Living

Do you feel that you've struggled with your weight FOREVER? That dealing with your weight issues have been a lifelong quest? Well, maybe it has.

In preparing for my newest program, Full On Living, I wanted to learn more about the true roots of our eating and weight issues, so I've created a powerful 3-part interview series that explores just that. Each interview is about 30 minutes long and is full of insights and 'aha' moments about why you struggle with your weight.

Society tells us that it's just calories in, calories out. That it's our fault if we have extra weight on our bodies. We must not be exercising enough or we must be eating the wrong foods. But, I think there's more to it than that and my panel of experts here agrees.

I am on a quest to get to the root cause of our weight issues, so I interviewed three powerful women that have made it their life mission to give us some answers. 

Watch these videos and you might just find the missing piece that you've been searching for on our journey to heal your relationship with food, weight, and your body.

Jenny Johnston

This interview with Jenny Johnston explores how our past lives and soul purpose affect our lives.

Jenny is the founder of Quantum EFT where she has combined her expertise in past life regression hypnotherapy, EFT, spirituality and the wisdom of Kryon.

Jenny is also the author of two books: "Your Past Life Inheritance" and "Tapping into Past Lives".

Sharon King

This interview with Sharon King explores how our birth experience may affect our weight today.

Sharon is the founder of Matrix Birth Reimprinting and the author of the book "Heal your birth, heal your life". 

Sharon's work helps people understand what happens to us in the womb and at birth can have far-reaching consequences that shape the way we experience and see the world for the rest of our lives.

Alina Frank

This interview with Alina Frank explores how sexual trauma or injury leads us to carry extra weight to feel safe in the world.

Alina is an EFT Master Trainer of Trainers and the author of the book "How to want sex again".


Full on Living

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