Free Monthly Tapping Circle Coaching Call

As a thank you for being a part of my community, I host a live coaching call each month via Zoom technology at 7pm EST on the second Monday of the month. Please email me here if you’d like more information. Here are the dates for this year:

Monday, April 8, 7pm

Monday, May 13, 7pm

Monday, June 10, 7pm

Monday, July 15, 7pm

Monday, August 12, 7pm

Monday, September 9, 7pm

Monday, October 14, 7pm

Monday, November 11, 7pm

Monday, December 9, 7pm

4-Week Meditation Series at Flow Yoga in Locust, NC

Thursdays, 10:45-11:15am

March 7-28; $25 for all 4 or $8 each

This program will be an introduction to meditation where you’ll learn 4 different ways to use meditation on a regular basis to improve your health and well being.

March 7th – How to Meditate

This class will include meditation basics, breathing, and benefits of meditation along with a short meditation.

March 14th – Heart Opening Meditation 

Based on HearthMath’s vision of spreading compassion and care in the world, this simple meditation will open your heart to others and yourself with more loving care.

March 21st – Gratitude Meditation

When Gratitude becomes a way of life, happiness and abundance flow. Grow your gratitude through meditation.

March 28th – Matrix Visioning

Meditation is a great way to create the life of your dreams; let’s do it together today.

I know this isn’t an easy time for everyone, but we will be bringing it to the weekend very soon! Message me if you’d like more information. 

Growing Gratitude Through Tapping, Yoga, and Meditation 

Sunday, April 14th 2-4pm

Flow Yoga, 1772 West Main St, Locust, NC

704 502 6575 or

Join Ruthi to learn how to use EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) Tapping to release old limiting ways of being and to step into your Power and Gratitude in loving new ways. Heather will continue with the intention of Gratitude through a Gentle Yin practice appropriate for all levels. Our time together will end with Ruthi leading us through a deeply relaxing Gratitude Meditation during savasana.

*WARNING! Growing Gratitude may lead to random bursts of Joy and Love!

If you’d like more information on any of these events, please reach out to me by filling out this form. 

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