Join us for a 21-Day Manifesting Supercharged Virtual Event to enhance your ability to create WHATEVER it is you want. You can use this approach with any goal, whether small or completely life-changing.

I’ll be leading you through the techniques and tools that have helped countless clients manifest success in various aspects of their lives. This includes releasing excess weight, attracting their ideal clientele, increasing their income, and beyond. This program goes beyond just information, to actually doing what you need to do to create these dreams.


A 6-week weight loss course where we use a combination of EFT, Matrix Reimprinting, meditation, and creative visualization to heal and release the past and create a compelling future. Each week we bring in a new aspect to release and renew in order to shape and regain the love (self-love) that’s been missing in your life.


A 21-day tapping cleanse with daily videos sent via email to assist you on your food and body healing journey. Plus, (4) bonus pre-recorded coaching calls to help you beat sugar cravings and more! Includes my special Body Bliss Meditation. Simply tap along daily for 21 days to experience a healthier relationship with your body.


Your daily bliss pack includes 4 life-changing audios and will be delivered via email right away, so you no longer delay feeling relief and ease in your life. How different would your life be today if you filled it with love, gratitude and positive energy? I’ve created a daily meditation program that does just that.


A 12-week course limited to 12 participants. This is an invitation to change your life and step into something better…something that actually feels good. It’s been waiting on you and now is the time. We’re no longer complaining and getting upset that our life isn’t what we want. We’re making a shift and opening ourselves up to see what’s possible. Light. Love. Miracles. They are all available to you.