Ruthi Cohen-Joyner EFT Practitioner, Hypnotherapist and Nutritionist

Ruthi Cohen-Joyner MPHJust a few short years ago (well, around 10 now), I was over 200 pounds, depressed and miserable. I hated my job, my body, my life. I know I was a horrible role model for my two daughters but felt hopeless and helpless to change. I knew something had to change.

Even though I’m a nutritionist, a registered dietitian to be exact, I couldn’t stick to a diet or food plan for long, and each failure just made me fatter and more miserable. After being diagnosed with high blood pressure and being put on medication in my mid-forties, I was scared enough to be able to lose enough to get off the meds by sheer willpower and cutting sugar out of my life. I went from bursting out of my 18-20’s to squishing into 16’s. It was an improvement, however, I was still unhappy.

Fast forward to 2009, I found EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) on a web search for  more diet information. I started playing around with this silly looking modality and had a few interesting early wins. Eventually I became hooked and realized that maybe I had finally found something that would help me feel better both emotionally and physically.  Soon, I trained and became certified as an EFT practitioner and even did a 5 month intensive training specifically in using EFT for releasing emotional eating. It was during this time that I released another 20 lbs while releasing tons of emotional weight.

Today I inspire, encourage and empower women to step into their own passion and dreams. I don’t focus on weight loss because my clients gain so much more from our work together (read a few testimonials on this site for their input).  They release their old emotional weight and find self-love, happiness and their own voices, falling in love with themselves and their lives, maybe for the first time ever.

Ruthi is a certified AAMET EFT Practitioner and as a Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner.
Ruthi is also a certified Transpersonal Hypnotherpist and is now combining EFT and hypnotherapy to serve her clients better.
NATH EnhancedRuthi Cohen-Joyner AAMET Certification